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This third edition of the classic, best-selling polymer science textbook surveys theory and practice of all major phases of polymer science, engineering, and technology, including polymerization, solution theory, fractionation and molecular-weight measurement, solid-state properties, structure-property relationships, and the preparation, fabrication and properties of commercially-important plastics, fibers, and elastomers. Table of Contents The Science of Large Molecules Part I Polymerization Step-Reaction (Condensation) Polymerization Radical Chain (Addition) Polymerization Ionic and Coordination Chain (Addition) Polymerization Copolymerization Polymerization Conditions and Polymer Reactions Part II Characterization Polymer Solutions Measurement of Molecular Weight and Size Analysis and Testing of Polymers Part III Structure And Properties Morphology and Order in Crystalline Polymers Rheology and the Mechanical Properties of Polymers Polymer Structure and Physical Properties Part IV Properties Of Commerical Polymers Hydrocarbon Plastics and Elastomers Other Carbon-Chain Polymers Heterochain Thermoplastics Thermosetting Resins Part V Polymer Processing Plastics Technology Fiber Technology Elastomer Technology Appendixes Author and Subject Indexes