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The Language Of Chemistry Or Chemical Equations is a guidebook aimed at helping students learn about different types of chemical equations. Filled with exercises, this book is apt for those studying the subject. Summary Of The Book The Language Of Chemistry Or Chemical Equations, published in 2010, is a book that covers different types of chemical equations. Chemistry is a branch of science that deals with the interaction of atoms and different types of energy. A chemical equation represents a chemical reaction in the form of an equation, where the reactants are on the left and the products are on the right. The Language Of Chemistry Or Chemical Equations starts off with an introduction to the subject. It then teaches students about the various symbols used in chemistry. Furthermore, readers will learn about different formulae as well. The next two chapters cover a range of chemical equations, which is then followed by chapters titled Oxidation-reduction Reactions and Ionic Equations. This guide uses the latest nomenclature for the benefit of the students. A unique approach of this book is that many equations have been written in words. Readers are required to translate them to the symbols used in chemistry. This helps one learn the language of this branch of science. A large number of equations are included in The Language Of Chemistry Or Chemical Equations, and it teaches how to balance a variety of equations. Each chapter ends with a Test Your Understanding section, which contains exercises for the students to solve. In addition to this, sections titled Test Yourself On These Typical Questions familiarizes readers with the types of problems that appear in examinations. Those who want to perfect the art of penning down correct chemical equations will find The Language Of Chemistry Or Chemical Equations to be of great help. About The Authors G. D. Tuli is an Indian author. The writer has penned down Chemical Calculations, Selected Topics In Inorganic Chemistry, Success Guide Inorganic Chemistry, Essentials of Physical Chemistry, and Advanced Inorganic Chemistry. P. L. Soni is an Indian writer Soni has authored Coordination Chemistry.