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Urdu, today , has become an immensely popular language. In literature, it has acquired a position of prestige, especially because of the "ghazal" which hasemerged as the most popular form of poetry. Urdu couplets have been used to convey feelings of love, affection and longing, as well as in messages of social and cultural significance. Form time to time, memorable couplets have been used in school and college debates to discussions conducted in state lagislatures and the Parliament. Shayaree-e-Zidagee-- Poetry for Life is a treasury of some of the best Urdu Poetry , over five hundred hand picked couples have been thoughtfully divided into seventeen chapters. Each couplet has been meticulously presented in Devnagri as well as in English transliteration to enable readers to enjoy the recitation of the couplets as well as appreciate their meaning. Showcasing greats such as Ghalib, Firaq, Zauq to Iqbal, Majas and Jigar Moradabadi, this gem is the perfect companion for both the initiated and uninitiated lovers of Urdu poetry.